14-Gauge Black Annealed Rebar Tie Wire


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Product Description
  • Approx. Length of 3.5lb Coil (Imperial): 205.03 feet
  • Approx. Length of 3.5lb Coil (Metric): 62.49 meters
  • Approx. Length of 5lb Coil (Imperial): 292.9 feet
  • Approx. Length of 5lb Coil (Metric): 89.28 meters
  • Diameter of 14-Gauge Wire (Imperial): 0.08 inches
  • Diameter of 14-Gauge Wire (Metric): 2.032 mm

Made in USA 14-Gauge Black Annealed Rebar Tie Wire Available

Looking for for domestically sourced 14 gauge bar wire? We proudly offer certified domestic (Made in USA) options for our 14-Gauge Black Annealed Rebar Tie Wire product line. If you need to comply with the Infastructure Bill and Buy America Act standards (or just prefer to buy American-made), select one of the following sizes above:

  • 3.5 lb Coil (USA) [Quantity: 20]
  • 5 lb Coil (USA) [Quantity: 20]
  • 5 lb Coil (USA) [Quantity: 1]

Our 14-gauge black annealed rebar tie wire is sold by the box, available in 3.5 pound and 5 pound coils. Each box includes 1 or 20 coils, indicated in the name of the “size” you select above.

Fourteen Gauge Rebar Wire

Our black annealed product line offers high-quality steel at an affordable finish. This style of wire is our most popular variety, used in everything from tying rebar grids to DIY projects. If you’re looking for an easy-to-bend soft steel wire, look no further. 14GA is a great middle ground between thick and fine gauges, coming in at a precise thickness of 0.08″ and weighing 0.017lbs per foot of wire. The total length included varies by the weight you select. Our products are sold by weight: A 3.5lb coil obviously contains less wire than a 5lb coil.

Soft Steel Gauge 14 Wire

Whether you choose the made-in-USA variety or our imported products, the quality will be identical. Regardless of where the material comes from, the rebar tie wire products on this website always adhere to our strict quality guidelines. You can count on the fourteen gauge wire you receive to be consistent anytime you order it. Don’t settle for less – order today from Selkirk! If you need a high quantity (over $5000 worth), feel free to send us a message so we can give you an accurate freight rate after soliciting bids to our logistics partners.