16-Gauge PVC Coated Rebar Tie Wire


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Product Description
  • Approx. Length of 3lb Coil (Imperial): 287.94 feet
  • Approx. Length of 3lb Coil (Metric): 87.76 meters
  • Diameter of 16-Gauge Wire (Imperial): 0.063 inches
  • Diameter of 16-Gauge Wire (Metric): 1.588 mm

Made in USA 16-Gauge PVC Coated Rebar Tie Wire Available

Looking for American-made tie wire? Our USA-origin 16-Gauge PVC Coated Rebar Tie Wire product is certified to meet Buy America Act (BAA) and Infastructure Bill requirements. This means the 16 gauge wire you are purchasing was manufactured in an American factory and qualifies as certified domestic material for government-funded projects.

Our 16-gauge pvc coated rebar tie wire is sold by the box, available in 3 pound sizes. Each box contains 20 pvc coated rebar tie wire coils. Gauge: 16. Domestic-certified American-made product is available! Please ensure you choose a size with “(USA)” in the title.

Strong 16 Gauge Wire, Coated with Durable PVC

PVC coated wire is a favorite of laymen for the increased safety and preferred by architects for its resistance to corrosion and wear. This special wire is covered in the same grade of plastic you would find on plumbing pipes, making it a great choice for longevity in projects like bridges and coastal infrastructure. Even in the most extreme weather conditions and saturation, the PVC coating will outlast the other materials used in your job!

Plastic Coated Wire Coils

As an added benefit, the PVC coating on this 16ga wire protects epoxy or any other type of coating that will be applied to the rebar before concrete is poured. It is a soft material that won’t scratch through sealants in the same way standard tie wire would.